ML Power 70

Conception Category CE A
Passengers / Crew members 8 / 4
Lenght over all 22,01 m
Lenght on waterline 21,96 m
Beam 10,40 m
Beam between axes hull 7,50 m
Draft (shaft propeller) 1,27 m
Draft (IPS) 1,47 m
Air Draft 6,88 m
Light displacement (cruiser, composite) 42t
Full load displacement max 60 t
Fresh water capacity 2×2500 L
Max fuel oil capacity 2×3500 L
Hull contruction composite infusion Aluminium (Alustar or Sealium)
Deck and supertructures composite infusion
Propulsion 2x900cv to 2x900cv/shaft propeller
Cruiser speed 15 knts (displ 55t and IPS transmission) Range 700Nm
Max speed 25 knts (displ 55t and IPS transmission) Range 416Nm
Cruiser Version 3 guest cabins + 1 owner cabin + 4 crew members
Lounge Version Designed for eastern countries with reception capabilities
Dinghy RIB 6 passengers on rear plarform with crane