Super Fast Ship A2V (Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels)

On May 2015, First trials of the  “A2V demonstrator “,  catamaran based on the prinvciple of Aerodynamic sustentation designed by  “ADVANCED AERODYNAMIC VESSELS (A2V) ” in close partnership with  Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group . 46kts, 2h after lounching !

A2V présent his “super low consumption/per passenge/per mile” prototype. Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group was deeply involved in this unit. Since then 3 boats have been built : “taxi boats” and “crew boats”, always with incredible performances over 45 Knots.

take a look at  presentation on A2V Website:

Or look at the video’s:

The A2V-Taxi is a new generation of boat , designed to transport passengers on Leman Lake, with incredible low consulmption.

Confort is also incredible, ans success ias already there!

Cruising speed : 50 Knots atà 90%  / MCR  Capacity: 8 Pax + 1 Crew/ Gas oil Consumption: 110 l / h

Range : 320 nm at 50 nœuds (marge de 15%)