Naval architecture agency since 1982

Our history

Marc Lombard started his activity as a naval architect in October 1981. After studying at the University of Southampton in the yacht design section, in October 1982, he started his own business as a naval architect. The design office was first specialized in multihull and monohull racing sailboats, and gradually diversified by designing for the mass production boat industry, for the super yacht field and more recently for the motor yacht field.

“Paradoxically, we started with sailboats and we still love sailboats, but we have diversified. Naval architecture, is ultimately the oldest profession in the world. You have to imagine that Neanderthal man had to build boats to cross rivers. Today, whether fishing, trade, the cruise, everything interests me. I am not sectarian. I like to learn new things and invest in new areas.”

The agency

1982. Création de l'agence

Sailing passionate crewed in his Parisian youth, Marc Lombard se forme à l'architecture navale at the Southampton Institute of Technology, from which he graduated in 1981. He sails in convoy with Mike Birch in 1978, après que ce dernier ait gagné la Route du Rhum sur son petit trimaran jaune dessiné par l'architecte américain Walter Greene. He offered him an end-of-study internship at his shipyard in the USA., where Marc Lombard will work in particular with Halvard Mabire and Jean-François De Prémorel. An incredible bargain and experience who will forge their know-how. Marc Lombard decides as soon as october 1982, à l'âge de 23 years, to create his cabinet d'architecture navale à La Rochelle to design offshore racing boats.

The agency

1983-1991. Promising beginnings

Plan d'enfer, hydrofoil trimaran 12 m, then Grundig, catamaran of 13.50 m, et Lejaby Rasurel 2, catamaran of 60 feet will be his first creations. Marc Lombard also draws Ker Cadelac, trimaran foiler 70 feet ultra light very innovative pour l'époque, who obtains many victories with its retractable foils. Impressed by the speed of Ker Cadelac during the tour of Europe in 85, Phillipe Jeantot entrusts the drawing of his 60 feet Crédit Agricole 2 for the first Vendée Globe to Marc Lombard, what will be his first IMOCA. Thereafter, Philippe Jeantot presents his boatyard to him, Jeantot Marine, now Privilège Marine. C'est le début d'une longue collaboration avec 13 models et évolutions développés avec l'agence during more than 30 years.

1992-2002. Le développement de l'entreprise

Eric Livet, puis Lucien Wolher intègrent l'entreprise de Marc Lombard. 1992 est l'année de la rencontre avec le chantier YES, aujourd'hui RM Yachts. With this project begins a long collaboration : 13 models. L'agence est fière de pouvoir encore sauvegarder ce procédé de epoxy plywood construction. In 1997, Catherine Chabaud entrusts us with the study of her IMOCA " The Penguin " (Whirlpool). His career will be exceptional : 7 Vendée Globe and Round-Alone, more than 20 deckchairs, the absolute record for the number of miles for an IMOCA ! This boat will inspire Jean Le Cam and Roland Jourdain, who will command his Sill with which he will make excellent results. In 2000, People's Bank 2 will be the 1is ORMA modern dessiné par l'agence pour Lalou Roucayrol, followed by People's Bank 3 which will be equipped with first curved and retractable foils.

2003-2012. The beginning of long collaborations

In 2003, launch of Figaro Beneteau 2 which is a real success. 98 copies were produced, grâce à quoi l'agence a pu intégrer le chantier Jeanneau and sign his first successes in mass-market series. First with the Sun Odyssey 35 (+1200 boats built), then with the Beneteau Group pour lequel l'implication s'étend : the new models Sun Odyssey et Oceanis, et aujourd'hui de nouvelles gammes moteurs multicoques. In between 2003 et 2008, l'agence étoffe ses compétences avec l'intégration de 3 new employees. Henry-Paul Schipman designs and constructs his prototype Mini 6.50 (3th in the Mini-Transat 2009). Paul Cougnaud develops the structure division, et Lionel Huetz fortifie l'expertise de l'agence en hydrodynamique. In 2007, l'agence démarre une collaboration avec le chantier Nautitech Catamarans, with which 5 modèles seront développés jusqu'à aujourd'hui.

2013-2018. The diversification of projects

From 2014, Nantes shipyard Black Pepper Yachts entrusts us with the design of 4 of its monohulls, THE Codes, neo-industrial style. Cette année marque aussi les débuts de l'agence dans les Maxi Yachts, especially with the Long Island, sailboats and motorboats built in Concarneau by the shipyard JFA. C'est en 2017 que l'agence conçoit son first cruising trimaran, the NEEL 47. The collaboration with NEEL Trimarans perdure encore aujourd'hui à travers le développement de la gamme voiliers du chantier rochelais. Race side, l'expérience acquise depuis des années en Mini 6.50 is rewarded in 2015 by one victoire on the queen race (Frederic Denis on the 800). The prototype development continue with the 945 et 950, designed to be equipped with foils. In 2018 l'agence signe sa première victory in the Route du Rhum in Class 40, with a Lift v1 led by Yoann Richomme.

2019-aujourd'hui. Nouvelle ère pour l'agence

After the success of Lift v1, Aurélien Ducroz and his sponsor Crosscall turn to Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group to design their new boat : the Lift v2. This sailboat will experience rapid success and will be built in 9 copies, à l'aide de nos partenaires V1D2, GL Composite, Gepeto and Lalou Multi. Yoann Richomme won the Route du Rhum for the second time on this boat in 2022. In 2019, l'agence approche le chantier Marsaudon Composite for which she is designing a high-performance catamaran, flagship of the yard : l'ORC 57. During this period, l'agence continue son développement et intègre 5 new employees. In April 2022, Marc Lombard retires and hands over his company to his 10 employees, qui s'associent en SCOP (Production Cooperative Society).

Our team

Imbued with the know-how of its founder Marc Lombard, our team is now composed of 10 associated with various profiles (architects, engineers, modelers, designers). It is this mix of skills that allows us to work transversally on all of our projects.

“We like projects to pass through everyone's hands. Everyone brings their own idea to the projects.”

Our 40 years of experience and our multidisciplinarity push us to design ever more innovative projects, to meet the challenges of tomorrow, both in the world of racing and in that of yachting.

University of Southampton 1992
Dans l'équipe depuis 1992


naval architect & co manager
Project manager
University of Southampton 2003
Dans l'équipe depuis 2003


naval architect & co manager
Design and drafts
ENSTA Betagne 2006
Dans l'équipe depuis 2007


naval engineer & co manager
Structure and finite elements
ENSTA Betagne 2007
PhD in Hydrodynamics Ecole Centrale de Nantes
Dans l'équipe depuis 2008

Lionel HUETZ

Doctor in hydrodynamics
R&D and hulls
ENSTA Betagne 2015
DPEA ENSA Nantes 2018
Dans l'équipe depuis 2019


naval engineer
Composite et structure
ENSA Versailles
DPEA ENSTA Bretagne / ENSA La Villette 2019
Dans l'équipe depuis 2021


naval architect
Design and drafts

University of Technology of Compiègne 2020
MS Naval Architecture ENSTA Bretagne 2022
Dans l'équipe depuis 2022


naval engineer
Race and hulls

BTS Shipbuilding Saint Nazaire 2017
DPEA ENSA Nantes 2022
Dans l'équipe depuis 2022


naval architect
Composite et structure

Business Administration IAE Pau
Bachelor's degree in HR CNAM Niort
Dans l'équipe depuis 2020

Marie-Laurence SIMON

Management and administration