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A project ? We offer you a preliminary draft of the boat which details the exterior design, interior layout, large dimensions, the structural framework as well as the main systems. Once satisfied with the project, we will provide you with all the elements necessary for the manufacture : sketches, digital models, structural plans, render images.

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Another of our skills is modeling. Keystone of the project, the digital model is the virtual representation of the future boat. We master 3D design software (Rhinoceros), parametric (CATIA) and 2D for project drawing (BricsCad). We pay particular attention to the quality and rigor in the realization of our plans files, always at the service of the success of the project. According to customers' requests, we can also provide realistic visuals of the interior and exterior of the boat, thanks to dedicated software (Keyshot).

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Essential domain of naval architecture, the structure is an integral part of our design process. Rich in feedback from thousands of boats produced in composite materials, wood, steel or aluminum, we offer for each project an optimized structure adapted to the construction method. On the calculation side, the firm has the most efficient digital tools in-house (FEMAP/NASTRAN) for the overall sizing of its boats, down to the smallest detail.

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The success of our projects depends on the rigor of the estimate of the masses, throughout the design. Each hull is designed with its hydrostatic characteristics adapted to the realization of the targeted program. We are able to achieve, or to support construction sites in the preparation of regulatory stability files, according to the standards in force (ISO, MCA, …). The firm has software dedicated to these missions (MultiSurf, MaatHydro).

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We take care of the interior and exterior design of the boats. We optimize the facilities as much as possible, the heights in order to have the most ergonomic boat possible. Every millimeter is important in a boat. We design the facilities, the deck plan according to your tastes and desires.

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Because high standards are part of our DNA, we strive every day to design the most efficient boats. The firm is equipped with state-of-the-art digital flow simulation tools (CFD). We are able to carry out all studies relating to the performance of sailboats and motorboats : hull resistance calculations, optimization of appendages, propulsion calculations, velocity prediction program (VPP).