Privilege 580

Its sleek design, its promising performance and its square are breathtaking. With the Signature Privilege 580 , we have created the ultimate sailing catamaran that not only inherits the genes of Privilège but enhances them with performance under sail and elegance never seen before in this dimension. The Signature Privilege 580 is the first catamaran of this size to allow direct access to the forward cockpit from the owner's cabin. Every detail has been meticulously studied to provide maximum comfort while achieving exceptional performance..

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Privilège Marine

Lenght overall

18,65 m

Hull length

17,90 m

Waterline length

17,80 m


9,18 m

Light ship displacement (min CE)

29,00 t

Full load displacement (max CE)

35,00 t

Tirant d'air

27,48 m

Tirant d'eau

1,75 m

Sail area (GV-genoa)

121 m² – 92 m²

Launch year


Design superstructures & interior

Darnet Design

Materials / Construction

Polyester fiberglass and sandwich