A Christmas tale ! (Mini 650)

Toast (proto 945) is born in 2018, after 1 year of relentless construction by its “papa” Axel Tréhin Skipper. The C-shaped foils that we had imagined and designed to fit within the scope of the gauge MINI class could not have been built by Axel, lack of time and funding. Back from the mini 2019, Axel financed the foil rudders, and he sold Tartine to Fabio Muzzolini.
A la suite de sa gorgeous mini 2021, Fabio in turn sold shares of Tartine to Geoffrey Morel to be able to finance and launch the construction of the foils, finally!. Foil wells, integrated by Axel from the start of construction, been patiently waiting since 4 years that these load-bearing appendages can finally press on their wedges!
And at the end of the year, after final adjustments, Toast 945 took off in skimming mode in front of Lorient!
Chez Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group, we love these beautiful stories mixing exchanges of passion, technical, of hydro-dynamics, with committed skippers and high-tech composite builders-sorcerers. Congratulations to all for the completion of this beautiful project!
Merry Christmas to everyone!
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