Futuna 70

A large luxury yacht whose layout can be entirely made to measure, to the wishes of the owner. Like the other Futuna, this high-performance offshore cruiser is marked by a hull with modern lines which makes it possible to obtain a very high-performance boat derived from the 60′ Round the World Racing Open : fine water inlets, aft maximum beam, wide tail section and maximum waterline length.

The deck and cockpit spaces are generous and life at sea and at anchor is facilitated by careful handling of traffic on board et on the bridge.

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Futuna Yacht

Lenght overall

25,91 m

Hull length

21,75 m

Waterline length

5,90 m


20,50 m

Light ship displacement (min CE)

27,50 t

Full load displacement (max CE)

31,00 t

Tirant d'air

30,09 m

Tirant d'eau

2,95 m

Sail area (GV-genoa)

125 m² – 126 m²

Launch year


Materials / Construction

Hull and deck Aluminum / Epoxy glass superstructure