Nautitech 46

The 46 Open is inspired by today's travelers, looking for a real sailing experience without giving up comfort. Whether it's a few days at sea or a trip around the world, this luxury catamaran offers you a trip to discover the great outdoors, but also an intimate cocoon where you can meet up with family or friends.

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Lenght overall

15,10 m

Hull length

13,77 m

Waterline length

13,71 m


7,54 m

Light ship displacement (min CE)

10,80 t

Full load displacement (max CE)

15,40 t

Tirant d'air

22,90 m

Tirant d'eau

1,45 m

Sail area (GV-genoa)

76 m² – 38 m²

Launch year


Interior design

Roseo Design

Materials / Construction

Polyester fiberglass and sandwich