Momenta 45

By designing Momenta 45, we were keen to offer a new vision of what a modern and comfortable offshore cruiser can be.
Combine the performance of a modern hull, balanced, fast at all speeds, to an exceptional quality of life on board, on deck and inside.

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Momenta Yachts

Lenght overall

14,40 m

Hull length

13,63 m

Waterline length

13,09 m


4,52 m

Light ship displacement (min CE)

9,00 t

Full load displacement (max CE)

12,10 t

Tirant d'air

22,55 m

Tirant d'eau

2,70 m

Sail area (GV-genoa)

58 m² – 57 m²

Launch year


Design interior

Studio Roseo Design

Materials / Construction

Glass epoxy sandwich